Choosing the Right Formal Gown For Your Special Occasion

Choosing the Right Formal Gown For Your Special Occasion

For many women, a formal gown is more than just an evening dress.formal gowns They are symbols of prestige, beauty and elegance and are worn at special occasions such as opera and theater performances, formal dinners, charity balls, formal wedding receptions and black tie events. When it comes to the proper attire for these events, a gown is generally considered to be full length and more formal than a cocktail dress, which tends to fall to just above the knee.

Traditionally, black-tie and white-tie events require a suit or a gown in luxurious fabrics such as satin, velvet or silk.formal gowns However, today’s more lenient formal dress code allows for the addition of dresses in a wide variety of silhouettes and lengths, from short tea length to full ball gowns. This makes it easier than ever to find the perfect dress for your special occasion without breaking the formality code.

The 17th and 18th centuries were a time of lavish court life and the ensuing Renaissance and Baroque eras ushered in a more feminine style, where dresses were embellished with lace, embroidery, ropes of pearls and fur trimmings.formal gowns This is when the formal gown started to really take off, with full skirts and elaborate backlines that showcased a woman’s curves. Evening gowns were also designed with long, flowing lines that accentuated and shaped the female figure.

For evening events, the A-line silhouette is the most flattering for any body type, with elegant design lines that narrow at the shoulders, taper gently in the waist and flare out into an A-shaped skirt.formal gowns This shape minimizes hips and bottoms for pear shaped bodies, creates an hourglass figure and balances proportions for Triangle-shaped figures and enhances a waistline for those with an Apple-shaped body.

Depending on the season, a dress fabric choice can make or break its look.formal gowns For summer or spring, light and breezy fabrics like chiffon and silk organza are ideal. For winter, you will want to choose a heavier fabric like velvet or taffeta that is both warm and elegant.

A sexy hi-low hemline is an easy way to spice up a traditional formal gown, especially when the dress has a gorgeous train that adds drama.formal gowns A high side slit is another dramatic option, that shows a little leg to keep the look modern and fresh.

If you are looking for something more sultry, consider a form-fitting mermaid silhouette. A sexy mermaid silhouette is great for accentuating your slimmest part and will draw the eye up to your face, making it an excellent choice for those with a Hourglass or Rectangle body type.

There are plenty of formal dress styles to choose from for every style, but you’ll need to decide how much drama you’d like at your next event to know what silhouette is right for you. The expert stylists at Sydney’s Closet are here to help you navigate the vast selection of stunning formal gowns and find the perfect one for your unique personal style.

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