Choosing Formal Gowns For Every Occasion

Choosing Formal Gowns For Every Occasion

Evening and formal gowns add the perfect touch of glamor to any occasion, from prom to black tie galas and winter weddings.formal gowns From sexy lace numbers to sleek sheath dresses, there's a style for every special event on your calendar.

When looking for a formal gown, you'll want to consider the occasion and venue as well as the season.formal gowns For example, summer events typically call for lighter fabrics and shorter hemlines, while winter formals favor darker hues and thicker fabrics.

You'll also want to look at the dress code on the invitation to help you narrow down your choices.formal gowns For example, an event with the dress code "black-tie" will usually require a floor-length evening gown with a full skirt, while events that simply state "formal" may allow cocktail dresses or short hemlines.

In general, formal dresses are longer and more voluminous than cocktail dresses, with most reaching down to the floor.formal gowns They also tend to feature heavier fabrics, like silk, satin and velvet, while cocktail dresses often include chiffon, cotton and lace.

Some events may require you to wear specific accessories, such as gloves or a top hat, along with your formal gown. These guidelines can help you make a stylish decision that meets the expectations of the event host and helps you feel confident and prepared for the occasion.

Formal gowns have evolved over time to accommodate a variety of styles and body types. In the late 1800s, for instance, gowns were more fitted with waistlines and necklines narrower, but after World War I, lines relaxed slightly to suit the flapper style of the 1920s. In the 1930s, bias cuts and artificial fibers were introduced to create more fluid gowns that allowed women to move with ease.

A mermaid silhouette can be a great way to show off curves and accentuate the shape of your figure. This form-fitting silhouette hugges your bodice and hips before flaring out at - or sometimes below - the knee for a sexy fishtail effect. The sexy silhouette flatters petite figures and can hide heavy hips on pear-shaped bodies, while it works to highlight hourglass figures.

For a formal gown that adds drama, consider a style with a sweeping train. These gowns can add height and movement, which is especially important for dance-til-you-drop occasions. If you're shopping for a long-sleeved gown, opt for one with bejeweled accents or a flowing fabric like tulle to complement your figure and keep you comfortable while you're dancing the night away.

If you're seeking head-to-toe glamor, shop for a lace number. From floaty sheaths to frothy ball gowns, lace is a timeless material that lends itself beautifully to the formalwear category. From floral lace to embellished appliqués, you can find the perfect style to flatter your figure and elevate your outfit with a little extra flair.

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